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Quelle Catastrophe !
15 December 1989
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Hello, my name's Joanna. I am nineteen years of age, and I currently reside in Southern California. I am a bit of a crazy little kid who doesn't post all that much (whether on my own journal, or on anyone else's) but I am super-pro at lurking about. I am not in school atm, since I hated my previous year of college and don't want to go back until I know what I'm doing I AM GOING BACK IN OCTOBER TO A SUPERRAD SCHOOL CALLED MUSICIAN'S INSTITUTE I'm fucking psyched, okay. In the meantime, I am working at Starbucks. Quite the glam.

I am obsessive about Rock Band, Left 4 Dead, The Runaways, LOST, Harry Potter, Star Wars, zombies, vampires (that do not sparkle), werewolves, the RPs I'm a part of, and reading about varying religions (or just reading in general, to be honest). And, God above, do I love slash/femslash. Like, ridiculously. Either from TV shows, movies, novels, comics, or RPS, I devor it. XD

So now that you know the tiniest inkling of what goes on in my odd little head, if you'd like to friend, please feel free. I always like meeting new people. :]

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